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While we feel the need to apologize for not being very present for the Gala Giveaways users in the past few months, we would like to announce that, in order to improve and offer better services and better support to our users, we've decided to migrate all functions and features of Gala Giveaways to our main site, The migration is already initiated with the new Trades section and will be completed in the next few weeks. Once it will be completed, the Gala Giveaways site will be closed to the public. Thank you for your attention.


Keep in mind that this FAQ list is still in progress and it will be edited often. Thank you.


  1. Gala Giveaways is the new awesome IndieGala website where everybody can win great Steam games!

    From AAA titles to indie gems, play with us and you can have it for free!

  2. Absolutely! You don't spend a dime for entering giveaways or creating one!
    It is free and it will forever be free.

  3. You just need to have a PUBLIC Steam profile and the total value of the Steam games on your account must be higher than $50.
    That's all.
    If you fulfill this requirement, all you have to do is to access the site, login with your Steam account,
    and then you can participate to any giveaway you want!

    NOTE: The first time you will login to the GalaGiveaways site you will be asked to enter a valid email address
    to which you will be sent an email with an activation link that you'll have to click in order to confirm your email address.
    This will be also the email address where you will receive the gifts you will win.

  4. Since we use the Steam OpenID platform, we will never have acces to your Steam account information,
    except for your public Steam ID which is basically opened to anyone who visits your Steam profile on the Steam site.
    We don't store any personal information from you, other than your email address and your public Steam ID.

  5. Start to Play!
    Now you have been assigned with a number of Giveaway points ( GWP ) corresponding to the total value in dollars of your Steam games x 100 ,
    PLUS 2500 bonus points for the registration.
    For example: if you have a Steam account with games that worth all together $100 you will receive 100 GWP for each dollar,
    plus 2500 points for registering, so you will start to play with a total of 12500 GWP.
    You can use these points (only) to participate at the giveaways you want to participate.
    You cannot transfer your Giveaway points to anyone and you cannot convert GWP into money.

Point System

  1. Each time a GalaGiveaway user creates a giveaway, he will be asked to specify a number of points that other users will have to spend in order to play on this giveaway.
    Once other users enter the Giveaway, the number of points to enter for that specific giveaway will be deducted from their account.
    If any of the users decides to leave the giveaway before it's closed, the points will be added back to his account.

    Example: Tim decides to create a Giveaway putting a key of Skyrim as prize.
    He decides that those who wish to participate in the Giveaway, they must spend 5000 Giveaway points to enter.
    John and Sara decide to enter the Giveaway and 5000 GWP are subtracted from each of their accounts.

  2. GalaPoints are special bonus points that you can earn buying indiegala bundles .
    The more money you spend on indiegala, the more bundles you buy, gifts you made, the more galapoints you get.
    GalaPoints can then be spent on the Galastore . When will end its beta period, we will introduce the possibility
    to convert also part or all the galapoints balance of indiegala users into GWP.
    The conversion will be 1 : 1 ( 1 galapoint == 1 GWP ) the conversion will not be reversible.
    Also, it will not be possible to convert from GWP to galapoints

    Example: Tim has 1500 Galapoints on his indiegala profile and 1300 GWP on his Galagiveaways profile.
    He decides to convert all his Galapoints balance into GWP. He will end up having 2800 GWP .

  3. To get more Giveaway points you have to create Giveaways.
    Every user that creates a giveaway, when the giveaway is closed, will receive a reward according to these rules:

    100 ( + Feedback ) points for every bidder of the Giveaway - having feedback 8 means 108 points for every bidder of your Giveaway

    Half of the value of the Giveaway

    A percentage of total points spent by all bidders of the Giveaway that starts from
    5% ( FIVE PERCENT ) and increases of 1 percentage point for every feedback point the user has ( up to 20 feedback points )
    from 21 to 40 feedback points percentage increases of 1 percentage point for every 2 feedback points the user has.
    above 40 feedback points percentage increases of 1 percentage point for every 5 feedback points the user has.
    if user's feedback is 5 the percentage is 10%( 5 + 5 ). if user's feedback is 22 the percentage is 26%( 5 + 20 + 1 ) if user's feedback is 45 the percentage is 36%( 5 + 20 + 10 + 1 ) and so on

    Values are not rounded
    So, if you have a feedback 5 and then you organize a giveaway that requires 2000 GWP to enter and you totalize 500 entries,
    you will receive 105 GWP for every bidder PLUS ( 2000 * ( 0.05 + 0.05 ) * 500 ) = 100000 bonus points PLUS 1000 GWP
    So its ( 500 * 105 ) + ( 2000 * 0.1 * 500 ) + 1000 = 153500 GWP
    Points will be assigned to you after you send gift to the winner and he confirms he received it.

    In case you put multiple gifts as prize the reward is multiplied for every winner of your giveaway.
    In the above example if you put 3 gifts as prize you get 3 * 153500 = 460500 GWP.

    However, every time your GWP credit will drop under 10000 you will start to refill points at 400 GWP every hour,
    once you reach 10000 again, refill stops.

    Another way to get GWP it's by buying indiegala bundles .
    Since for every galapoint you have on your indiegala profile, you can convert it into GWP.
    You must be logged on Galagiveaways and go HERE .

Creating Giveaways

  1. Create a Gala Giveaway is as simple as it can be!

    Just click on the "Create A Giveaway" link on the upper side of the page ( visible if you are logged in ),
    copy the game's web page link from Steam,
    paste it into the "Link to Game" textbox and click the "Verify game link" button.
    You will see the logo image of the game and the name in the next page and also you will be asked to enter a few details in the textboxes on the page:

    A description (optional) of the giveaway;

    The number of Giveaway Points that you want a user to enter in order to participate to this giveaway
    (based on your personal evaluation of the game or of the giveaway itself) .
    By default, the number of points will be equal to the value of the game in dollars, converted x 100 Giveaway points
    (e.g. $40 = 4000 Giveaway Points),
    but you can choose any value you want starting from a minimum of 100 GWP;

    The number of copies for this game that you own and want to give away;

    If you want you can also restrict the participation to the GA only to users with a certain feedback
    or you can limit the maximum number of players in the GA, or both

    And finally, the start date and the end date for the giveaway. The minimum duration for a giveaway is 1 hour.

    To avoid frauds and misconduct we decided to place an upper limit on the value in points
    required to participate in a Giveaway. For now is 200.000 points (100.000 for ExtraOddsGA and 50.000 for PokerGA)
    , we may raise it in the future.

    And we also introduced the DEPOSIT measure, that works this way:
    A deposit is subtracted from the balance of the giveaway creator, and then,
    upon successful delivering of gifts the deposit is returned together with the giveaway reward.


    X wants to make GA of 1 copy of game Y for 100000 points.
    When he creates the GA 100k points are removed from his account.
    ( if he hasn't at least 100k GWP he can't create the giveaway )

    In this giveaway there are 100 entries and 1 winner. When winner confirms reception of a VALID serial:

    Points of deposit are returned to X ( 100000 )

    X gets giveaway points ( according point system in 8. )

    If X doesn't send the key he LOSES 100k points.

    Now, just click the "Create Giveaway" button and your giveaway will start at the specified time you entered!

  2. We decided to introduce this feature to have more fun!

    If you decide to create a GA with a maximum number of participants, you are playing in BOOST mode.
    In this mode the GA will generate a total score bonus IF and WHEN it will have achieved its goal.
    (It means: when the number of players will be equal to the maximum number of participants selected at the time of creation)
    The basic rules are:

    When the maximum number of participants is reached the GA ends

    If the GA ends within an hour you get the maximum possible bonus,
    it means the score of the GA (calculated according to the classic formula ) multiplied by 3

    If the GA ends in more than 7 days, the score of the GA will be DIVIDED by 3

    Examples of scores:
    ends within 1 hour: result = score * 3
    ends within 5 hours: result = score * 2,93
    ends within 24 hours: result = score * 2,63
    ends within 36 hours: result = score * 2,44
    ends within 48 hours: result = score * 2,24
    ends within 84 hours: result = score * 1,66
    ends within 126 hours: result = score * 1
    ends within 168 hours or more: result = score * 0,33

    Please note that these are just examples, intermediate values are not shown here.

    Another option that You have is to create giveaways for contributors. It means restrict GA only to people who got a certain amount of positive feedback ( only contributors can have )
    If you decide to create a Giveaway restricted to a number of users with a minimum feedback amount, your final score will be boosted at the end of the GA as follow:

    If you restrict the GA to users with feedback between 1 and 5 you will receive 50% of points more.
    it means if your final score is 100.000 you'll receive 150.000 points

    If you restrict the GA to users with feedback between 6 and 10 you will receive 100% of points more.
    it means if your final score is 100.000 you'll receive 200.000 points

    If you restrict the GA to users with feedback more than 10 and you will receive 200% of points more.
    it means if your final score is 100.000 you'll receive 300.000 points

    NOTE: To be eligible for the bonus, a feedback-restricted GA must have AT LEAST 5 VALID ENTRIES

  3. With this feature you will be able to create a special kind of giveaway ( only if you want ) the "Xtra Odds Giveaway"

    In a "Xtra Odds Giveaway" You can, at the discretion of the Promoter, allow users to increase the chances of victory in the GA.
    Each user can decide whether to "bet" from 1 to 10 times the point value determined by the Promoter,
    you can not point fractions of the value of GA.
    The number of Players will remain the same, the difference will be the number of points that each Player invests.
    The player. instead of a button, will have 5 buttons. (enter 1x, enter 2x , enter 3x etc. up to 10x )
    The player will have a button for the exit, if he wants to change amount bet will come and go.

    Pete invests 1000 points ( the GA actual entry fee )
    John invests 5x == 5000
    Mary invests 4x == 4000
    Marcus invests 10x == 10.000
    now we have total GA points == 20.000
    Pete invested 1000 points has 5% of odds
    John invested 5000 points has 25% of odds
    Mary invested 4000 points has 20% of odds
    Marcus invests 10x == 10.000 points has 50% of odds

    So, the higher the amount you invested, the higher the chances.
    Percentages and points invested by users will always be public. Anyone will know always how many points the others are investing.
    The score of the GA will be calculated using the classic formula.

  4. With this feature you will be able to create a special kind of giveaway ( optional ), called the "Poker Giveaway". It is NOT possible to create Poker Giveaways with ExtraOdds or MaxPlayers but you can create Poker Giveaways with Minimum Feedback or Massive Giveaways.

    We're sure you all played poker in your lifes so in the poker giveaways there is only one rule and that is: "the highest hand wins!"

    Anyone that enters in a poker giveaway gets assigned a hand of FIVE cards which they can eventually change if they want but every player has only FIVE tries to change the cards. After that, it will not be possible to change the cards anymore, so the player is either to take the hand he has and go till the end, hoping he will have the highest hand, or he can also quit the giveaway (losing the points spent till then) and enter the same giveaway again and receiving other five cards. Keep in mind though that to change a card also costs you; for each card you change you will have to pay the amount of points required to enter the giveaway.

    Let's see a small example:

    Pete enters a Poker Giveaway (100 GWP to enter);
    He gets a hand with FIVE cards - let's say: 3, 7, K, K, 10;
    He decides to change the 3 for another card and he gets a 2 instead - that will cost Pete 100 more GWP;
    Not happy, so he decides to change it again (he pays 100 GWP for this too): he gets a 10 this time;
    Very good! Now he changes the 7 and he gets a King (other 100 GWP for that);
    What a luck! Pete has now a FULL HOUSE(10, K, K, K, 10) in his hand. Who can beat him now?

    Meanwhile, somewhere in another account...

    John enters the same poker Giveaway (100 GWP to enter);
    He gets five cards also: 6, 7, A, K, 9;
    He changes all five cards (costs 100 GWP for each card changed - 500 GWP in total);
    Now he has in his hand these cards: 2, 3, 3, 9, Q;
    Not very happy about it so he decides to leave the GA losing all 600 GWP spent;
    Now he enters again in the GA (100 GWP) and gets another hand of five cards: 8, 2, 8, 8, A;
    He decides to change the 2 and gets an 8 instead - now he has 8, 8, 8, 8, A;
    Now John has in his hand FOUR OF A KIND which makes him so far the winner of the giveaway;

    If by the end of the giveaway no one else has a higher hand than John's hand, then John is the winner of that specific giveaway!

    ATTENTION: With the Poker giveaways, users can not enter the giveaway if the time left to the end is under 5 minutes, so if you want to enter a Poker Giveaway, make sure you enter it as soon as possible, don't wait until the last minute.
    The cards can be changed up until the last second instead.

    The promoter of the giveaway will receive ONLY the amount of all the points invested in the giveaway plus the amount of points he spent when he created the giveaway.

    For example, if in a giveaway with 4 copies of a game as the prize will enter 10 players, each of them spending 1000 points, (total 10.000 GWP) the promoter will receive 2500GWP for each copy of the game he sends to the winners, so in the end he will redeem 10 000 points from the game plus the amount to create the giveaway.

More About Giveaways

  1. To see the giveaways you entered or created just click on the "Profile" link on the upper side of the page,
    once you're logged in, and under the "Bids" section you will see all the giveaways you bidded for
    and under the "Giveaways Created" section you will see all the giveaways you created.

  2. There are no restrictions at all but there are a few "silent rules" in order to keep things fair and clean,
    Look at it like "guidelines" to follow:

    Please don't enter a giveaway if you already own the game/games offered in it;

    Do not enter a giveaway that contains DLC's unless you have or intend to buy the base game required for it;

    Please don't organize giveaways with games you won in another Gala Giveaway;

    Do not organize giveaways containing keys that require VPN activation;

    Make sure you organize giveaways using only valid keys.

    DO NOT SPAM referral links to external websites in the description of your GA

  3. The Gala Giveaways winners are selected randomly from the database each time a giveaway is closed.

  4. You will be notified by email.
    You can also check if you won a GalaGiveaway by clicking on the giveaways you entered
    and checking on the bottom of the page the usernames of the persons that won that giveaway.
    If you areone of the winners, you will receive an email from the giveaway creator within 7 days from the closure time of the giveaway.
    After you received your gift, you have to click the "i Won" button in your profile, next to the giveaway you won.

  5. When a Gala Giveaway ends, the system will send an email to the person that created it, notifying him that the giveaway is over and who the winners are,
    including the email addresses of the winners.
    All the games included in the giveaways will be sent to the winners by the the person that submitted the giveaway and he is required to deliver you the keys
    via email within 1 week. does not take any responsability or liability for the giveaways not delivered in time or not delivered at all
    but will make sure to prevent any further abuses from this type of users.

  6. No.

    See the points used to enter a giveaway like are a little fee that you pay
    to have a chance to win something.

  7. You should get an email with the winners email address. Please check your spam/Junk folders also.
    If you don't get/find winner email after GA ends please CONTACT US.

    Please send the gift as soon as you receive the email with winner(s) name(s)

  8. Simply go on your profile and you will find the button just below the icon of your giveaway.

  9. Yes. We temporarily removed DOTA and other free games.

  10. We temporarily made an exception for Steam/Desura only GA for the MAss Effect 2 key that was in current indiegala.
    As long as the description specifies clearly in large and bold charcters that the key is an Origin key
    We may have other exceptions for different platforms in the future, judging from case to case.
    In any case, failure to specifiy in the description that the key is for a platform other than Desura/Steam will led to GA closure and to ban in case of recurrence

  11. Absolutely NOT.

    We will block free/beta/alpha keys as soon as they appear on Steam

    Since new free/beta/alpha keys appears regulary on Steam store we cannot update the blacklist in realtime so we
    encourage all the community to report promptly free/beta/alpha keys GA so we can close it and block games.
    Users creating GAs with free/beta/alpha keys will be warned and banned in case of recurrence.


  1. In the "Trades" section each user
    can express the desire for a game ("WANT")
    or he can tell that he has a game available for exchange ("HAVE").

    The user will have the following fields for the creation of the Trade.
    Type of trade:
    radio button WANT / HAVE
    Subject of the trade:
    link Steam / Desura
    Comments of the trader with indications of possible games with which he would exchange his game ( if the trade is a "Have" trade )
    Or, list of titles he would like to give, in exchange of the desired game ( if the trade is a "Want" trade )

    Once created, the Trade will appear in the special section of the website,
    the page can be filtered by type (W, H), by providers (Steam, Desura, all).
    The trades are in the "trades" section.

    It will be possible to trade only one game at a time,
    but each user can open multiple Have/want trades.

    Once you have entered the trade,
    other users will be able to propose to the promotergames with which to do an exchange,
    the transaction will be strictly outside of the portal.

    Each user can start the conversation with the promoter,
    which, in turn, will respond publicly to the person,
    in a structured way ( to avoid confusion in exchange operations ).

    Each user can insert only one proposal.
    It cannot be modified.
    It cannot be erased.

    The promoter will not enter "generic" comments but he will only promptly respond to user feedback,
    with a specific reply, with a single layer of thread.


    - User1: comment
    | _ 1 reply from promoter
    - User2: comment
    | _ Reply from promoter
    - User1: comment 2
    | _ Reply from 2 promoter

  2. There is a small amount of GWP that is needed to deposit to create or enter a trade. This is to prevent abuses.
    We reserve to change / upgrade deposit limits, monitoring the trades activity.
    Actual limits:

    Each trade will have a deposit for the event creation( 2000 points).
    To make his proposal, the user will have to pay a deposit in GA points ( 3000 points ). Deposit is refundable.
    The trade will be closed by the promoter at all times when he will be satisfied by users.
    In this case, all other participants will be refunded ( regardless the success of the trade ).
    When the trade is confirmed with success, then also the user "winning" and the promoter will be refunded.


  1. Please keep trying.
    System uses OpenID Steam API that may be under heavy load those days.
    Please try 5-6 times the registration process, if you have troubles
    Also try to push the 'verify' button agaim IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE LOOPING CIRCLE STOPS
    after several retries, then write us with exact error details.
    You can use these points (only) to participate at the giveaways you want to participate.
    You cannot transfer your Giveaway points to anyone and you cannot convert GWP into money.

  2. Give at least 48-72 hours to users to report feedback.
    If you don't receive feedback within 72 hours
    CONTACT US and put in CC the email of the user whose feedback is missing.

  3. Please check your spam / junk folder
    and if you still don't see the galagiveaways email
    CONTACT US forwarding Giveaway link.

  4. Just CONTACT US !